There are three main types of tooth surface loss:

Attrition: Tooth wear caused by the top and bottom teeth wearing against one another. This can happen in people who develop a habit of grinding their teeth during the day or night (bruxists), or sometimes if the teeth come together in an unfavourable ‘bite’.

Abrasion: Tooth wear caused by something repeatedly rubbing against the tooth. The most common cause of this is over enthusiastic tooth brushing with a damaging technique.

Erosion: Tooth wear caused by acids. The acids can come from the digestive system, either perhaps due to repeated vomiting or if someone suffers with acid reflux. Acids can also be in the foods and drinks that we consume, such as fizzy drinks and citrus fruits.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you might have tooth wear:

  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Changes in the appearance of the teeth
  • Teeth seem to be getting shorter
  • Teeth tend to chip more frequently
  • Teeth appear more translucent
  • Teeth generally look worn down

Treatment should always start with understanding what caused the damage. Once we understand the cause, we can plan how to treat it more predictably. Using our 5 step process, we are able to evaluate and plan the best strategy for each patient. Building a custom plan that suits your own needs and mouth by using any combination of treatment options.

More about Advanced Treatments

Treatment can include:

Direct bonding: of tooth coloured composite resin to the teeth is a great option for the treatment of early erosion. It can give a stable end result that looks and feels just like your own teeth use to. It is a simple and cost effective treatment that gives stability and prevents further damage.

Ceramics: can be used in advanced cases where larger amounts of tooth structure is lost and more support is needed. These are strong porcelain restorations that can restore shape and function and give strong, lasting results.

Orthodontics: can be useful in positioning the teeth in the ideal position for long term success. By helping to place the teeth in a more ideal functional and aesthetic position, there is a much better chance of preventing future damage

Other Advanced Treatments we might use

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