It's about YOU

From complex full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeovers to routine dental consultations, we understand that every person has a unique journey in their own oral health. That is why we create treatment solutions that are the best for YOU. Always following the principals of SLOWDENTISTRY, we focus our energy on doing things the right way. Building a relationship with each patient and creating beautiful dentistry the way nature intended it. Meeting you where you are.

" What an incredible experience! Absolutely shattered my negative stereotypes and past experiences of dental practice! "


It's about PASSION

When you get to know Jean and Corne, you will instantly see their passion for dentistry and empathy for people. Every filling, veneer or smile make-over is sculpted and crafted to look beautiful, healthy and natural. At Smith and van Lierop we live dentistry, and love people. Our whole team is constantly learning new skills through international education and using the latest technology in digital and computer technology. Being part of the SLOWDENTISTRY global network of dentists, which does not mean we do things slowly, rather it explains how we focus our energy and time on doing things the right way. Building a relationship with each patient and creating beautiful dentistry the way nature intended it.

It's about LESS IS MORE

The best dentist helps the patient with the least amount of treatment. We have to understand that we can never go back once a tooth has been destroyed by a dental drill, and by preserving the enamel of a tooth when doing a crown or veneer, we can make it last 10 times longer. That is why we take time and use our expertise to preserve and respect what nature has given us. Rebuilding damaged smiles while keeping as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Making smiles that last, naturally

It's about TEAMWORK

We believe in the integrated health model, where a patient is treated as a whole. We are very fortunate to have a team of dental specialists all under one roof. Periodontology, Endodontics, Orthodontics, and Restorative dentistry all working together. This team approach makes us one of the only multi- disciplinary clinics in South Africa That is why we have weekly planning meetings to discuss our patients, and have treatment discussions with our patients before doing any treatment. Being part of this team has made all the difference in giving our patients options in treatment, and getting the best treatment results by using everyone’s unique skills.

We work with the best, for you.

At Smith and van Lierop our doctors are recognised by leading industry organisations, and work with the best clinical partners and labs to provide top-notch dental treatment for you