Following these 5 steps, our team of special qualified dentists will build a customised treatment plan that will help you achieve the result you want. Using advanced dentistry procedures to removing the damaged or infected pulp, after cleaning and shaping the inside of the tooth they will place a crown to protect and restore your tooth to full function.

"Totally awesome dentists. Root canal = falling sleep peacefully on the dentists chair! 10/10"


Meet Dr Sonja Britz

Dr. Britz is very passionate about saving teeth and the precision work related to the field of Endodontics. Every patient has a unique set of teeth and presents with different challenges. At our practice we make use of state-of-the-art technology, incorporating computerized tomography with microscopic dentistry and applying laser therapy during root canal procedures. This enables Doctor Britz to save a tooth and restore the health of the root canal inside your tooth.

Using Microscopes

Since the introduction of microscopes in the field of Endodontics, the diagnosis and treatment and thus the quality of root canal treatments has improved immensely. We can ensure optimal treatment of a tooth’s root canal, reaching even the tiniest problematic areas, ensuring optimal restoration of the tooth.

  • Pounding Pain of a tooth that won’t go away,
  • Hot or cold temperatures hurts the tooth,
  • Your tooth changes color, usually darker,
  • Gums around the problem area is red and swollen,
  • Pain when biting or chewing, when you have a history of trauma to your tooth.
  • At times no symptoms are present, and we only see it when an Xray is done.